Talking to the angels at the Desert Heart Sanctuary of Joan of Angels

Meet your angels, and your spiritual team

Welcome to the Desert Heart Sanctuary of Joan of Angels and the Earth Messengers: Beings Sent by the Divine. Within this high frequency gallery, you will experience a deep connection with your angelic guides and beings who have been with you for eternity, to support you, love and nurture you and always, always whispering in your ear that you are safe, you are loved, all is well.

Neil Gaur, from Portal to Ascension, with his dear wife Sol, spent two nights in the sanctuary. By the time they left, we had completed several major focused projects for 2017, using the clarity of the masters as they downloaded the programs and curriculums

Stay tuned for several online webinars this year. Click here for more information.

And beginning Wednesday Dec 14th, 9am PST, I will be interviewing several renown and fascinating guests as part of the diving into the consciousness of the divine, the Christ consciousness and the spiritual focus of these holidays, 2016. More information forthcoming.



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