The Elixir of Self-loving

Ever find yourself being kind to everyone else, and less with yourself? Perhaps you are giving, giving, giving, until suddenly you freeze, you realize, you’ve given so much, you are more like a leaky sieve. Your boundaries went from strong to slim in less than a minute it might seem, taking you from higher frequency, all the way down to your lower vibrations.

There is an art form to being of service, and it follows a certain format. It’s the art of giving and receiving, ebb and flow. Each time we give from our heart, taking time to self nurture, self care, will allow our cup to refill. Thus, we have a continual flow of healing energies. 

During the holidays the art of giving and receiving is ramped up to a different level, materialistic, not necessarily from the heart. Pure giving and receiving gets lost in the mix.

I’ll be doing two events in LA the week before Christmas. You can join our intimate luncheon event hosted by Tom Danheiser and Lori Wagner, producers of Coast to Coast, on Tuesday Dec 18th. Each of you will get an answer to your prayers and…you will learn to feel a connection to your spiritual guides.  RSVP for the luncheon at

Join us on Friday evening, Dec 21st for a guided meditation with breath work and sound healing by Torkom Ji and Ashley Neumeister.

Expect miracles!

Miracle Messages

Mother Mary tells us Self-Love is our answer

The Importance of Working with the Angelic Realms

Why is working with the angelic realms important?

First, so many of you are not yet living your calling, which leaves you feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and in some cases, depressed and ill. You may have a sense there is something more for you, but getting there might seem more challenging. Your guides, your angels are always by your side, and want to help you step into your life, your destiny, your greatness.

You who are called to this work, have that sense there is more, and you might long to know why, to understand your origins, your divine divinity, from whence you came. The strong desire to help, to assist humanity in a major way, with deep compassion for the earth and its beings, are a sign that you are a volunteer who came here to assist, to raise humanity to new levels of healing.

They tell me so many of you want to know your origins, your divine divinity, from whence you came and why you have such compassion for humanity and such a strong sense of a destiny to serve and help.

Just as you have been guided to find me, it is now being revealed to me by teams of guardian angels and guides how to bring forth their healing so it resonates on the deepest of levels. Our guides work in complete harmony creating as what I like to refer to as an Angel Portal but is far greater than that, within which to raise your vibrations, this being necessary so they can literally come down through the portal to work with you.

This longing to serve and to step into a community of light bearers throughout the planet is a sign you have been called, and you are here for that reason, as a volunteer of great accomplishment, with skills and insights you have yet to discover. This inner truth is being revealed to you, as a sense of who you are, your destiny, your calling, and as you might notice your greatest gifts are expanding right before your eyes.

Turn on Your Master Healer Switch

I’m excited to offer my new healing program, combining my chiropractic healing arts with my angelic channelings. Recently I was shown how to use the Master Healing Switch, (we all have this), to open up your channels to receive high vibrational energies in your body, and to connect your crown chakra with your body and with the heavens. Wow.



So what does this mean?

As a chiropractor I learned about the triangle of health, mind, body and spirit. As an angelogist, a medium or oracle for divine beings I have connected with divine beings offering healing to us. Now, with this new information, I am able to integrate the angelic higher dimensional frequencies with the physical material world of the body, of the material forms.

This new work allows me to assess the level or frequency at which your body is functioning to determine wherer you are energetically.

You will learn to turn on your body’s hidden healing switch to activate your full potential.

Did you know your body has a Master Healing Switchthat is directly connected to Source and infinite intelligence. Yes, our body’s energetic field was designed as an energy receptor for these inter dimensional freauencies that are willing, right now, to work with us for healing, wellness, success, happiness. Now wouldn’t that be nice if we could learn to access and turn on this Master Healing Switch.

Now, why is that important?

This healing switch has the abiity to connect your brain and your crown chakra with source, with spirite and divine intelligence. Imagine that. You will be able to access not only information, but divine healing flowing through you now.

Feel a cold or flu coming on? What if, by learning to communicate with your body, to find out what it needs, and turning on this switch, heal faster than what you believed possible.

You see dear friends, our bodies can heal from the inside out, its true. But atlas not so easy to do because the Master Healer Switch is turned off  in at least 90-94% of the population and probably within you as well.

When was the last time you sat down with your body and had a heart to heart with the consciousness of your body. Found out what’s going on within you, if you’re eating the right foods, if your body likes the way you are treating it. Chances are this heart to heart will be revealing.

Thus, In this first session, we literally connect with your body to assess your frequency levels and Your master switch. We work directly with with your body to ascertain on a body, mind and spirit level what systems need support and assistance.

We also tune into your Master Switch and evaluate how effectively its working, and what has shut it down. We will then attune this frequency, and using energy healing, shift it back into place and allow the fluids and nerve flow to flow appropriately through your spinal cord, brain stem, and crown chakras. In fact, as this Master Healer Switch is being turned on, you will learn how to run this energy through your entire body for wellness.

Watch the video:    


Hi! I had my master switched turned on by Joan yesterday! It was a rainy day in NY and my energy felt a little low. As Joan was opening my switch, I felt so much energy in my body. It was like having an electrical current flow through my body. I also liked what Joan was telling me that she heard from the angelic realm regarding my progress on my Spiritual path. I was told I have to learn how to use my energy. I love receiving messages from the Divine. I felt energized and went to the supermarket. I noticed my level of clarity was definitely sharpened. I became aware of all the people who had their master switch turned off. I realize I have work to do for my continued growth. I am happy that Joan recorded this session so I can look back at it. I sometimes miss things the first time around. Last night, I had a dream. I don’t usually remember my dreams often but I remember this one. I dreamt I went to the mail box to get what was inside. There were several books, and 3 writing pads and I noticed some item that were frozen. In my dream, I commented that I didn’t remember ordering these books but was happy to have them. I think this dream was showing me how knowledge is being given to me, and to write down and share what I learn. I think the frozen things were showing me that I had access to things that I didn’t have access to before. After I woke up and processed my dream, I imagined that the frozen items thawed out for me. I am excited to be learning and growing and continuing in the right direction on my spiritual path. Thank you Joan!  Karen S.


“Joan’s Master Healing Switch training session was powerful and transformational. My entire outlook changed and I moved through the day feeling lighter and more positive. I felt renewed and energized the rest of the week. Thank you for helping me be a better version of me!”  Marla Drexler

 “I did definitely feel a change in energy as we worked yesterday.  When we turned on the Master Switch to fully open I felt a flush of energy up and down my entire body.  After the session I thought, what do I do with this energy?  I grabbed the vacuum cleaner and let her rip!  It was great!  I also did the exercise you gave me this morning (thought about it first thing! :o) and was ready to hit the ground running.  Thank you!”   Stephanie

“Hello everyone my name is Tinamarie and recently received my master healer switch with Joan and I can’t say enough if you never experience healings you must do this! When Joan did it for me I started out about a 3+ and ended about 8+. I went to work that evening practice what she asked me to do and all night I was a 10+. I am a CNA and usually very drained and hurting so bad when I get home at night that most times in tears because of the pain. But the day Joan gave me this amazing session (and it was as if she was in my home doing it) she called on master healer d.d Palmer and wow what a difference. I had a lot of energy and first time in long time felt good and in no pain when I got home from work! I really would suggest you try her healing technique, it’s an amazing experience Thank you Joan”

Five Reasons to Connect with Your Angels and Guides

The Celestial Council Gathers

Angels are popular these days, and many are speaking about their connection
with these realms


Calling All Angels
Online Webinawith these realms.

There are many compelling reasons to pull the veil from the dimensions, allowing communication with your guides and angels. These members of your Spiritual Council are always present and calling you; the question is – are you hearing their call?

1. Your vision and destiny will unfold as you follow the guidance, the voice within, no matter how tiny. In 2013, in one of the most pivotal moments in my life, beaten by despair and fearful my visions would not manifest, I prayed to either end my life, or, birth my lifelong vision of healing and inspiring millions of suffering people. I was granted a deep compelling message – “Paint 33 angels in 30 days. Don’t question, don’t stop just do it.” Once all the paintings were hung, the vortex was complete. I had created an angel portal, an energetic space where contact is possible.


2.By Listening and following the messages, naggings, and instructions from your spiritual team, your steps to mastery will be revealed, piece by piece. The first thing that happened in the portal, was a book I had about angels fell off the shelf onto the floor, surrounded by the paintings.

Your Call for Divine Assistance Has Been Heard

Hmmm, the page was open to this notice from my angels: “Your call for divine assistance has been heard.” You see, once you listen to step one, they’ll give you the next step, and when you follow that guidance, they, your team, knows you are serious, and soon, new doors, new guidance, follows.

3. Once we say yes to our guides and the instructions we receive, we are shown the larger picture. In truth, with the assistance and support of your angels, you will accomplish so much more. The angelic realms promises, when we ask for miracles, we will receive them, in so many more ways than we can imagine. But you must ask, you must be open to receive, you must say “yes, bring me more, yes, thank you!”


4. Waves and waves of synchronicities and so called coincidences happen more and more, reflecting back to you the power of your thoughts and intensions. Confidence in your ability to manifest your destiny, and clarity results, as you know, as you can see clearly, as if arrows are pointing your way.

5. Contact with our guides and angels assures us we are never alone, and gives us the confidence to move forward with grace and ease, and step into our destiny. 2017 is the beginning of a ten-year cycle where you will be asked to step into your personal power in a way that you haven’t yet experienced. These are new beginnings now, and your best gifts will be called upon. Our spiritual team holds us steady, heals, provides balance, love, compassion and wisdom.


Calling All Angels
Online Webinar

Contact with our guides and angels supports and assists us on our journey. Don’t be shy, they want to hear from you, but cannot assist without your specific requests. Ask for a miracle, then expect it. Ask to be certain of their messages and guidance, and you will be shown. Ask for protection, and know, within your heart, you are always safe. Affirm daily. “I am safe, I am well, I am protected, I am guided.”