The Elixir of Self-loving

Ever find yourself being kind to everyone else, and less with yourself? Perhaps you are giving, giving, giving, until suddenly you freeze, you realize, you’ve given so much, you are more like a leaky sieve. Your boundaries went from strong to slim in less than a minute it might seem, taking you from higher frequency, all the way down to your lower vibrations.

There is an art form to being of service, and it follows a certain format. It’s the art of giving and receiving, ebb and flow. Each time we give from our heart, taking time to self nurture, self care, will allow our cup to refill. Thus, we have a continual flow of healing energies. 

During the holidays the art of giving and receiving is ramped up to a different level, materialistic, not necessarily from the heart. Pure giving and receiving gets lost in the mix.

I’ll be doing two events in LA the week before Christmas. You can join our intimate luncheon event hosted by Tom Danheiser and Lori Wagner, producers of Coast to Coast, on Tuesday Dec 18th. Each of you will get an answer to your prayers and…you will learn to feel a connection to your spiritual guides.  RSVP for the luncheon at

Join us on Friday evening, Dec 21st for a guided meditation with breath work and sound healing by Torkom Ji and Ashley Neumeister.

Expect miracles!

Miracle Messages

Mother Mary tells us Self-Love is our answer

The Importance of Working with the Angelic Realms

Why is working with the angelic realms important?

First, so many of you are not yet living your calling, which leaves you feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and in some cases, depressed and ill. You may have a sense there is something more for you, but getting there might seem more challenging. Your guides, your angels are always by your side, and want to help you step into your life, your destiny, your greatness.

You who are called to this work, have that sense there is more, and you might long to know why, to understand your origins, your divine divinity, from whence you came. The strong desire to help, to assist humanity in a major way, with deep compassion for the earth and its beings, are a sign that you are a volunteer who came here to assist, to raise humanity to new levels of healing.

They tell me so many of you want to know your origins, your divine divinity, from whence you came and why you have such compassion for humanity and such a strong sense of a destiny to serve and help.

Just as you have been guided to find me, it is now being revealed to me by teams of guardian angels and guides how to bring forth their healing so it resonates on the deepest of levels. Our guides work in complete harmony creating as what I like to refer to as an Angel Portal but is far greater than that, within which to raise your vibrations, this being necessary so they can literally come down through the portal to work with you.

This longing to serve and to step into a community of light bearers throughout the planet is a sign you have been called, and you are here for that reason, as a volunteer of great accomplishment, with skills and insights you have yet to discover. This inner truth is being revealed to you, as a sense of who you are, your destiny, your calling, and as you might notice your greatest gifts are expanding right before your eyes.


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