I don’t know about you, but so many times in the midst of the storm, I have asked spirit to show me the way. Decisions needed to be made, but I wasn’t sure which direction to choose to lead me to the best path. I literally begged to have specific clarity and guidance so that I wouldn’t get lost. It was then, I began to hear the voice instructing me to go within. That voice led me to this path of being a channel for spirit.

You can learn to hear your voice within, and remember who you are and why you are here at this time. Wouldn’t it be nice to know with certainty your unique mission and destiny?

Trust me, clarity, and confirmation help tremendously.

As a result, you will find yourself in alignment, and your body, mind, and spirit turned on and ready to make your shift.

We live on a difficult and challenging planet, making it challenging to remain true to our calling. It’s very easy to get lost in the details of life, and give up our personal power, only to suddenly “wake up” down the road feeling a bit dazed and confused.

I act as an ally in your transformation as you begin to remember your purpose.

What I Have to Offer

Soul Awakening Sessions and Intuitive Coaching is for anyone who wants clarity as to their mission, purpose and destiny and to experience the success that comes from aligning your body, mind and spirit to do your life.

Together I will assist you to understand your life’s purpose, your challenges, and the steps to stepping into your life’s dreams.

I invite you to work with me to look within, and uncover your path.

Intuitive Ninja Superpower Training

Mastery of these Ninja super skills
is essentially a lifetime journey, with periods of deeper dives into enhancing our skills.

There are so many avenues and unique uses of our intuition to explore.  It seems best if we stay connected in order to support one another to develop these superpowers and stay aware of our purpose. Dive deeper into the purpose of these powerful tools you are learning to work with. 

Soul Awakening Sessions

My specialties are helping you to remember your big picture – the reason you are here, your mission, your purpose. This is so that you can understand your challenges, your roles, and your special gifts.

The Soul Awakening Sessions cover many aspects of your life. It’s possible you may want to have several sessions over the course of a year, with your choice of four (4) sessions of 30-minutes or four (4) sessions of 60-minutes each.

Soul Mastery

Are you ready to make a difference in your life? Ready to claim prosperity, success, and inspired living?

Raise your vibrational frequency and Increase your energy, vitality, and happiness by aligning your body, mind, and spirit to step into your destiny. Turn on your power, your master switch, and experience focus, clarity, and success in manifesting your heart’s desires. Each session builds upon the prior one, to take you through a shift in consciousness and personal power.

Find Fulfillment In
Your True Calling

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