Vitality 360 – Say Yes to You
3 Months to Align Your Body, Mind and Spirit

By working with me on this program you will experience a shift not only in your energy, but also in the way you see your world. You will be able to literally create a re-design for yourself as you step into new paradigms.

This 3 months transformational program is designed to help you remember your purpose and mission. At the end of these sessions, you will be on your way to increased energy to accomplish more in your life and to overcome your challenges. You will gain clarity on what you are here to do and the steps to do it.


This program is designed to assist you to 

  • Clarify your mission and purpose. 
  • Identify and clear your blocks and challenges.
  • Reclaim your sense of self and personal mastery.
  • Heal your heart as you release judgements against yourself and others.
  • Increase your vitality. 
  • Renew your passion.
  • Strategize new beginnings and directions.
  • Align your body, mind and spirit to reach your dreams.
  • Attract more success, increased prosperity, improved health, new relationships.

Private Services: (Investment: $347.00/mo)

  • Four 30 minute (allow 45) Intuitive Coaching Sessions per month.
  • Email access for questions.
  • Exercise, meditations, alignment, guidance, and action steps.

The sessions are done on zoom preferably or by phone or facetime. If possible, I will record them for you. 

Each session builds upon the previous ones and is designed to focus on clearing away what is in the way of your moving forward. 

Sessions may include specific tools for healing and wellness such as learning to use the Master Switch, and meditation, vibrational tools as well. On line energy healing sessions are possible as well.

In person sessions are available either as an add on or instead of the online sessions.

What clients say:

“TRUST ME… Joan is AMAZING…   I have invested in her sessions because she helps me so much. If you have been giving up your power, Joan for a session!  She will help you to GET BACK YOUR POWER (like she helps me to do), and DEFINE your LIFE PURPOSE… I have a feeling that in just a few sessions with her, you will be on the path to a happy, healthy and productive life. ❤️”Alexandra

“This woman is very talented and INTUITIVE.  Joan is AMAZING… she helps me with issues ranging from business to family to LIFE goals, etc… She’s a licensed chiropractor, business and personal consultant, intuitive spiritual guide ( she’s so clear, and offers me guidance and messages from on high THAT HELP ME SO MUCH… to stay strong and healthy… to stay focused on my mission and goals.  She works with me by phone… an hour at a time… she’s good with lingering childhood issues too…  She’s been in my life for many years and I love her.  She has a website.  She’s a talented painter too!  Most of all though, Joan is a rock in my life… helping me with issues and problems… she helps me to stay on track… to be whole…”

“As for “the rapidity of my recovery back into consciousness”… thank G-d… and thank you Joan for your work with me over the years.  It is making me a better, wiser person.”

“Thank you so much Joan. By the way I really didn’t have a chance to say how much I appreciate you and the education you are teaching me. My life is going in an amazing direction when you guide me”   Kemel

Joan’s work with me has had an amazing effect on my health, energy and self-esteem. When we started, I was in a lot of pain emotionally, physically and spiritually. Joan’s expertise as a chiropractor, intuitive and transformational coach have gotten me moving in a much healthier and happier direction.” I highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to improve their quality of life and to improve the quality of life on the planet!”  Sandra