Intuitive Channeled Readings

Joan of Angels has been doing intuitive readings and channeled angel sessions for over 15 years. She is a Master Healer, Teacher, and Personal Transformation Guide as well as a Chiropractor and Visionary.

“Joan is an amazing oracle and angelic messenger as well as
a gifted healer and artist.
I have greatly benefited from working with her

SOUL AWAKENING SESSIONS: Be brave, courageous and bold…step through the doorway and find out who you are on the other side.

Soul Awakening readings clarify why you are here, your mission and purpose. I act as a channel for your Higher Self, Angels and Messengers to work with you and download the information you need at this time to activate your memories of who you really are to achieve your hearts desires, the visions within that you have held close but have been unable to attain.

Each obstacle and challenge is a necessary stepping stone into your divinity, and these sessions remove blocks, and activate a new and higher frequency to manifest your highest purpose. A variety of tools are used to gain understanding and wisdom; a connection is made to your spirit guides, angels and loved ones, and the reading conveys the messages they want you to know at this time to move forward. These sessions can be done in person, by phone or via skype.

Let go of limiting beliefs and attachments that are holding you back.

See your big picture to understand who you are and where you are going.

Learn to trust your intuition and follow divine guidance.  You will experience a deep confirmation as well as a sense of destiny and clarity.

Click HERE to reserve your 60 Minute Soul Awakening Session with Joan of Angels.

Session Length: 60 Minutes

 Readings are spiritual counseling sessions.

We work together, along with our Angelic Support Team of guides, angels and Masters to assist you to find clarity and gain understanding of your life’s challenges.

We’ll look from the larger picture, the soul perspective so that we can see the larger picture and understand both your soul purpose and your challenges. We will be able to release energetic patterns that keep you from moving forward.

We’ll use spiritual tools: I work with guides, angelic beings, sometimes the departed, using visions and messages from spirit, sometimes past events and past lives. No question is too odd, embarrassing or difficult; I will meet you where you are with compassion and support.

My style is down-to-earth and conversational, yet this is deep inner work… and these sessions can bring up intense emotions.

Please respect the power of this work and the change it may bring to your life.

​All registrations are final; please read the Client Agreement before you book. Once you pay for the session, you will be contacted by email to set up a mutually convenient time.

“Just wanted to drop you a note on my reading. Thank you for your encouragement,
clarity and guidance.  After we spoke, I walked around my home with a lit white candle to thank each room for all the comforts it has given me through the years. I really appreciate your gifts and talents to assist and cleanse.”

“Thank you so much Joan. By the way I really didn’t have a chance to say how much I appreciate you and the education you are teaching. My life is going in an amazing direction when you guide me”