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My soul mission is to help you REMEMBER who you truly are, unlock your highest potential and support you as you step into your sovereignty. Knowing who you are and why you are here helps aid your spiritual growth and raises the consciousness of humanity.

Spiritual Advisor / Spiritual Chiropractor

Without our soul memories we may experience anxiety, depression, chaos and fear. Joan of Angels will help you dive into a deeper understanding of your life path and mission, as you rewire your subconscious mind, release fear, and step into your true mastery and highest potentials. One of my greatest joys is sharing what I see, knowing that this can help people find their way. Do you need help finding your way? I am here to help.


I help people trying to find their way. I am a Chiropractor and had a thriving business for many years, but now I consider myself a Spiritual Chiropractor. I help adjust things that are no longer in alignment, that keep us from tapping into our inner wisdom.

Soul Awakening Sessions

My specialties are helping you to remember your big picture – the reason you are here, your mission, your purpose. This is so that you can understand your challenges, your roles, and your special gifts. The Soul Awakening Sessions cover many aspects of your life. It’s possible you may want to have several sessions over the course of a year, with your choice of four (4) sessions of 30-minutes or four (4) sessions of 60-minutes each.

30 Minute Session

60 Minute Session

(4) 30 Minute Sessions

(4) 60 Minute Sessions

Soul Essence Portraits

Soul Essence Portrait Package


Displaying a Soul Essence Portrait in your home goes beyond aesthetics, offering a myriad of benefits. 
  • It serves as a powerful reminder of your inner beauty, creating a sacred space filled with positive energy and self-empowerment. 
  • Each glance at your portrait transports you to a realm of self-reflection and personal growth, connecting you with your true essence and embracing your unique journey. 
  • It becomes an inspiring focal point, igniting a sense of purpose and reminding you of your limitless potential. 
  • A Soul Essence Portrait is not just art; it becomes a cherished companion on your path to self-discovery, spreading love and fostering harmony in your home.

Upon booking, you will receive a Zoom soul essence deep dive session lasting 60-75 minutes, which will be recorded for your reference, allowing our guides to channel images and impressions. In the following days, I will carefully record and share the impressions and images channeled through a live video, images, or a slide show format. Additionally, you will receive a 20 x 16″ portrait created as a giclee on canvas, serving as a reminder and a vibrational tool to create your personal portal to ascension when hung in your home. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to capture your essence on canvas and cherish it for a lifetime. Buy now and let your soul’s radiance shine through art.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery? Take the next step and create your own Soul Essence Portrait today. Our talented team of artists and spiritual guides will accompany you as brushstrokes and colors express the depths of your being. Capture your essence on canvas, uncover hidden strengths, and celebrate your unique radiance. Your Soul Essence Portrait awaits as a constant reminder of your innate beauty. Dive into the realm of self-discovery and let your soul shine through art.

Experience the transformative power of a soul essence portrait at its highest vibrational levels. Allow us to connect with the celestial forces that guide you, to create a portrait that reflects the radiant light of your soul. Embark on this extraordinary artistic and spiritual journey with us, and witness the magic of capturing your essence on canvas.

Take the first step towards owning your own Soul Essence Portrait and begin your transformative journey today. Click here to start your experience and embrace the beauty that resides within you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to capture your essence on canvas and cherish it for a lifetime. Buy now and let your soul’s radiance shine through art.

Soul Essence Portraits merge artistry and spirituality to create stunning portraits that reflect the true essence of your being. With a holistic approach to portrait creation and acting as a spiritual guide, I delve deep into your story, aspirations, and dreams with you, to truly understand who you are. Through careful strokes and profound understanding, we transform raw materials into one-of-a-kind masterpieces that capture the very essence of your spirit. 

Beyond the visual realm, our immersive experience allows for self-reflection and personal growth, guided by your spiritual team. Whether for yourself or as a gift, Soul Essence Portraits preserves your soul’s beauty for generations to come. Experience the magic within and book your consultation today.

What sets Soul Essence Portraits apart is our holistic approach to portrait creation. Our process begins with a personalized consultation, where we delve into the depths of your story, aspirations, and dreams. We listen, understand, and connect with your inner self, ensuring that we truly grasp the essence of who you are.

Once we have gained insights into your soul, our skilled artists channel their creativity, intuition, and expertise to craft a one-of-a-kind portrait that encapsulates your individuality. Through careful strokes and a profound understanding of color and composition, they transform raw materials into a masterpiece that captures the very essence of your spirit.

Soul Essence Portraits are an Oracle Art Form that delves into the realm of the soul to capture the inner beauty beyond physical appearance. Unlike traditional portraits, our soul essence portraits aim to reveal the unique energy and essence of each individual. Through deep conversations and reflections, we connect on a soul level and infuse clients’ passions and aspirations into the artwork. It’s a transformative celebration of self-discovery and personal growth, reminding you of the extraordinary depth within. Step into a world where art and spirituality merge, and let your portrait be a testament to your radiant inner light.

Creating a soul essence portrait is a sacred and transformative process where the artist acts as a conduit for divine inspiration. Through meditation and establishing a sacred space, we connect with the celestial forces that guide us. In an intimate Zoom session, we deeply understand your energy and essence. Joan of Angels  channels this understanding onto the canvas, creating a visual representation of your highest vibrational self. With the guidance of spiritual allies, we enhance and refine the portrait digitally, capturing the depths of your being. This masterpiece is a testament to the divine connection and a reflection of your unique energy. Experience the transformative power of a soul essence portrait and witness the magic of capturing your essence on canvas.

Countless individuals have embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery and soul purpose through Soul Essence Portraits. Take Sarah, for example, who had always felt a deep longing for meaning in her life. After receiving her soul essence portrait, she found herself captivated by the reflection of her inner radiance. The portrait served as a catalyst, reminding her of her inherent gifts and guiding her towards a career aligned with her passions. Inspired by the visual representation of her soul’s essence, Sarah courageously pursued her true calling, igniting a newfound sense of purpose and fulfillment. Similarly, Mark, who had been grappling with self-doubt and uncertainty, discovered a profound clarity upon receiving his soul essence portrait. It revealed the depths of his inner strength and resilience, empowering him to overcome obstacles and embrace his true potential. These stories, among countless others, are a testament to the power of Soul Essence Portraits in awakening individuals to their soul purpose, igniting their inner fire, and guiding them on a path of authentic self-expression.

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