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My soul mission is to help you REMEMBER who you truly are, unlock your highest potential and support you as you step into your sovereignty. Knowing who you are and why you are here helps aid your spiritual growth and raises the consciousness of humanity.

Spiritual Advisor / Spiritual Chiropractor

Without our soul memories we may experience anxiety, depression, chaos and fear. Joan of Angels will help you dive into a deeper understanding of your life path and mission, as you rewire your subconscious mind, release fear, and step into your true mastery and highest potentials. One of my greatest joys is sharing what I see, knowing that this can help people find their way. Do you need help finding your way? I am here to help.


I help people trying to find their way. I am a Chiropractor and had a thriving business for many years, but now I consider myself a Spiritual Chiropractor. I help adjust things that are no longer in alignment, that keep us from tapping into our inner wisdom.

Soul Awakening Sessions

My specialties are helping you to remember your big picture – the reason you are here, your mission, your purpose. This is so that you can understand your challenges, your roles, and your special gifts. The Soul Awakening Sessions cover many aspects of your life. It’s possible you may want to have several sessions over the course of a year, with your choice of four (4) sessions of 30-minutes or four (4) sessions of 60-minutes each.

30 Minute Session

60 Minute Session

(4) 30 Minute Sessions

(4) 60 Minute Sessions

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