Talking to the angels at the Desert Heart Sanctuary of Joan of Angels

Meet your angels, and your spiritual team

Welcome to the Desert Heart Sanctuary of Joan of Angels and the Earth Messengers: Beings Sent by the Divine. Within this high frequency gallery, you will experience a deep connection with your angelic guides and beings who have been with you for eternity, to support you, love and nurture you and always, always whispering in your ear that you are safe, you are loved, all is well.

Neil Gaur, from Portal to Ascension, with his dear wife Sol, spent two nights in the sanctuary. By the time they left, we had completed several major focused projects for 2017, using the clarity of the masters as they downloaded the programs and curriculums

Stay tuned for several online webinars this year. Click here for more information.

And beginning Wednesday Dec 14th, 9am PST, I will be interviewing several renown and fascinating guests as part of the diving into the consciousness of the divine, the Christ consciousness and the spiritual focus of these holidays, 2016. More information forthcoming.





In 2013, Joan of Angels began receiving divine messages to paint 33 angels in 30 days, thus beginning a process that has resulted in hundreds of images of celestial beings and their portals. The Messengers, sent by the divine, are here to assist you in your souls growth, your journey this lifetime. The paintings are infused with a spiritual essence, painted while meditating or channeling divine information. In a sense, the paintings call forth their human companions, Joan of Angels is the paintbrush allowing them to come into a form we can recognize.

When you take home a Joan of Angels painting, you literally have a divine being in your home, to share joy, healing, passion and love, as well as feeling the actual presence of your angels.

Check out the newest gallery HERE


Hand painted Angel lampshades by Joan of Angels

Joan of Angels has done it again Acting upon instructions from her guides, she is creating, even as we speak a collection of angelic lampshades…yes you heard it right, lampshades covered with angels.

When you turn on the light, you will illuminate the angels and depending upon the color of your light bulb, you will be pleased by the celestial delights.

Each lampshade is a custom design, they are all different, one of a kind, infused with the inspirations of the divine.

SO, my loves, if you want one, get it now!!! I have two created, ready to go, pictures to follow yes, I am excited!!!

Readings at the Earth Shift and Star Knowledge Conference

Nov 11-14th, join Joan of Angels and other amazing, powerful, life shifting, transformative speakers at the Miracle Springs Resort, in Desert Hot Springs. Get your tickets HERE

I’ll be sharing my beautiful celestial art of Earth Messengers: Beings Sent by the Divine as well as portals, stargates and inter-dimensional beings. Also showing my new angel lamp shades and greeting cards! Check out my booth, I’ll be doing angel activation readings!!!thumb_img_7056_1024

Joan of Angels is Born



It began so unexpectedly with a call, a spirit message, a voice within telling me to move to the desert, so I could connect on a deeper level with the Earth Messengers: Beings Sent by the Divine. I had been channeling paintings and messages from these spirit beings, since October 31, 2013, when I received instructions to paint 33 angels in 30 days.

Within two days of moving, a new friend gazed at me intently, and said, ” You’re Joan of Angels.” She wanted to say Joan of Arc, but her voice was silenced and became Joan of Angels.  As the saying goes, you could have pushed me over with a straw. I was stunned, but, not surprised, not really, not when the name resonated deep within my soul, aligning all that I am, all I knew myself to be.

Beloveds, it has taken me lifetimes I think, to remember who I am, to hear my call, to resonate, to fluff my wings and gather the Angel Brigade. Beloveds, we have waited a long time, to step out in the fullness of who we are, angelic celestials beings, here to assist others on this planet, to share our gifts in a way that assists in the healing of our beautiful planet.

You have been called. Consider this an official notice, the Angel Brigade is Gathering and if you are reading this, and feel a stirring in your heart, know you are one of us, a fifth dimension angelic being in a human body, ready to awakened and activated.

Angel activations, vibrational shifts, frequency alignments, are all called for, along with a re-focusing of your purpose, mission and destiny this life. You have been gifted with a myriad of unique skills and talents, all needed for this shifting occurring on our world. Its time to learn how to be who you are, the fullness of you, so your gifts can emerge for all offs.

Start with the Soul Activation Readings, they will include your initial activations and energy frequency updates to help you align your energies.  LEARN MORE

“My new friend Joan of Angels in Desert Hot Springs shared her amazing gift with me. She brought me a beautiful and much missed sense of calm and clarity, all so I can more forward as a musician and human soul.”  Tom Sobel, musician extraordinaire

”Very good information to work on. She, Joan of Angels, is an angel and love what she and my angels had for me. Thank you.” Shirley






Join Me This Weekend! (10/21-22) Vortex Music & Art Festival

Looking forward to a great event celebrating the arts in Desert “Heart” Springs! Join me and fellow artists, oracles and healers as we gather for the Vortex Music & Art Festival in Desert Hot Springs, California October 21-22!

Your intuition is always working, you just need to listen.

The most frequent question I receive is about listening to your own intuition. How do you know the feelings you have are your intuition or your mind chatter. The intuitive mind is elusive. There’s a fine line at times.

We are taught from childhood not to listen to our own inner voice, to literally ignore our own truth.

So lets see if I can clarify for you how to know its your intuition, and that this is the answer for your question. Or this is the right thing for you to do.

One clue is how this intuit makes you feel. If its truly right for you, you might have a feeling of this makes my heart sing, this feels good, very, very good. I remember choosing a pre-school for my children. I went to two schools, and left feeling heavy, what I described at the time was a thud. And then I went into Brightstar Montessori. From the moment I stepped through the doors, I literally felt my heart move, shift, feeling free. That’s how I chose the school, it felt intuitively right.

Intuition is often accompanied by little signs, that indicate a synchronistic pattern is at work. For example, you are driving in your car, and have a new brilliant idea for making money. Suddenly you glance at the clock on your dashboard and its 1:11 or 2:22, or any combination of triple numbers. Think of that as a message from your guides, a confirmation. Or you look down on the street and there’s a penny or a quarter. Pick it up; put it in your shoe, it’s another type of confirmation.

Intuition is a special gift you have been given, its access to a higher vibration, thinking outside the box, new ideas, and a special alignment with your true purpose. Intuition can save your life, when the hairs on your skin stand up and you know you need to pay attention in this current moment.

Your intuition can help you land that big job you want, just by having you send the email at just the right moment to make a difference. That’s what happened in 2001 when my email crossed the desk of the editor at the San Francisco Examiner, just when he was browsing through it. He told me the odds of his opening my email were a million to one, but you know what, he did see that email, and he went on to publish my article on the front page.

So here’ a good idea. Next time you find yourself saying  “I should have listened to myself. I knew what to do, I just ignored my intuition,” try something different. Stop, pay attention, and follow the guidance you have been given. You will be glad you did.

Book a session with Joan of Angels and experience clarity and a sense of purpose as to why you are here. 

What It Means to Show My Artwork at Gallery Tesla in Sedona, Az

The Earth Messenger Paintings, these Beings Sent by the Divine, love being displayed to the public, they want to be seen.

The painting process I use is quite unique, I meditate, I close my eyes, I feel and sense angelic presences behind a veil. They urge me to paint, they leap from spirit to my canvas, literally, across time and space. They wish for us to know them, to realize their love and support.

I’m now showing at Gallery Tesla in Sedona, AZ through the rest of the year. Here are some loving words they’ve shared about my art.

When you step the gallery, hung with Joan of Angels art, you are walking into another dimension, a portal. The paintings light up, and exude a palpable energetic field, as they emit frequencies and harmonies to resonate with us. In a world that has become heavy with pain, suffering, war, and inhumanity, these paintings call us to step into our very best of selves, to become the guide, the leader, the one, we know we can be. For it is in calling this power to us, we can emerge, we can help shift the energetic frequencies of our planet, with love, compassion, kindness and healing.

Each painting has been infused with this energy from literally the divine spirit. When you feel one calling you, I invite you to come closer, look into the eyes of this divine beings, feel their presence, their call. They just might have a message for you, or even better, want to go home with you. Consider it a blessing when you’ve been called by the divine messengers.

If you are in the area, please stop by so you can experience for yourself. And check my events page to see where I am showing next.

Listen to My Guided Meditations on SoundCloud

Good news Beloveds, the angelic realms have heard your call for divine assistance. Your calls, your pleas, your prayers are being answered.

I’m so very excited to announce the launch of the official Joan of Angels SoundCloud Channel!

This is a special place for you to come and sit down, rest and listen to the growing collection of guided meditations and other talks. Click here to listen and subscribe. And if there is anything you’d like to hear me talk about in future discussions, remember you can always leave a comment on this blog or contact me through this website.

I’m so excited to take you on this journey with me, Beloveds.

It’s time to fluff your wings!

~ Joan of Angels


A small gallery

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