Going Postal with Joan of Angels Send your messages direct to the angelic realms.

Private Consultations with Joan of Angels are unique, healing, and transformational!

A private consultation with Joan of Angels is a unique opportunity to connect with your spiritual team and receive information and guidance specific to your needs.

Joan of Angels connects you with your mission, your purpose, and helps you step into your destiny, with confidence and ease.

Joan is a highly intuitive channel and will bring you information, messages, and guidance from your spiritual team.

What happens in a private session?

JoA will create an alignment between you, spirit and herself, and begin to bring in information as to your purpose and mission. This allows you to clear and dissolve obstacles, challenges and out of balance frequencies as well as to understand the larger picture of why you are here. In addition, you will experience an angel activation of your cellular structure as you learn to increase your frequency and vibration.

Sessions are conducted on skype or in person at the Desert Heart Sanctuary. One hour is $175.00
30 minutes is $80.00

Follow up sessions on a weekly or monthly basis are productive in helping to stay on the path so to speak that is for your highest good, as you unfold your gifts and step into your destiny.

A magical encounter with Della Burford and the angelic worlds

Angelic Guidance Soothes Your Soul

Greetings to my beloved friends and family

Spring is here, and with this change in season, a new frequency and energetics is available for us to step into. Powerful currents of energetic waves will bring you periods of peak joy, success, positive outcomes, but still combined with moments when all seems lost. These waves of energy are part of the new creative flow of the  1 year of new beginnings, creativity, leadership, and manifesting dreams into reality.


As fun as this is, think of it like riding a wave, surfing the waters. Its an art of catching the wave, matching up your speed and taking off. You will be totally amazed as the synchronicities and supposed unexpected encounters happen with increasing frequencies, and literally what you want and need will become available to you.


Once we know why we are here, our purpose and mission, we can focus our energies towards manifesting that journey and allowing in only that which contributes to our highest good. Weeding out the lower vibrational energies around us, by eliminating activities, foods or people that depress us, gives us even greater opportunities to focus and raise our levels of attraction.


Remember that stepping into your power this life, your destiny, accomplishing your mission, is a soul satisfying journey, but it is a life process, not completed in one day at all. Its a journey. Its about the now.

The best part of this is you are not alone. Your angels and spiritual guides are around you all the time, sending you guidance and messages to help you align with your highest of potentials. The beauty of sensing their presence is that it will become like a beacon, a confirmation that you are on the right path.


So, the next time you see a group of three numbers, or see a truck with the word Angel on it, or hear a song, allow yourself to receive a message from your guides that is just for you. They are calling. If you listen, you will receive direct and clear guidance to get to
where you want to go.

These divine messengers are here for us. Simply ask for help, ask for guidance, and then when it manifests as if from thin air, miraculously, say thank you bring me more.

We love you

The Earth Messengers: Beings Sent by the Divine


Garden Angels bursting with joy!

Introducing the artistic process of Joan of Angels aka Dr Joan Hangarter

Featured Member: Joan Hangarter
“I wasn’t really an artist,” says Joan Hangarter, D.C. “But now, I get the feeling of painting… and like a whoosh – it takes me over!”

It’s hard to believe that Hangarter, a public speaker, healer, teacher/facilitator of “Angelic Art” and writer, was ever not an artist. Take a look at this and you will understand why:
Ancient Deities, by Joan Hangarter: This is a part of Hangarter’s “Krishna” series. The Hindu deity, Krishna, features in in the center with a flute. The piece represents being between worlds and the figures are Gods and Goddesses.

“I’m in a trance until it’s done,” she says matter of factly as she begins to reflect on one of her first, intense artistic experiences.

“I went to the Shakti Fest one year and had an amazing meditation experience through sound healing. That’s when Krishna came to me. After two weeks I couldn’t even leave my studio, I just painted Krishnas. Then, suddenly, it just went away. I believe that these beings that come through me in this way want their humans to find them. They are here to bring peace, love and harmony and healing. That’s why they are calling to us.”

Hangarter comes from an eclectic religious background and believes that there is a Source power that we all have access to. She believes that “this planet is a spiritual learning center.”

Hangarter’s artistic process is unique.

“Step one: I created a high frequency sanctuary so the groundwork is done, but really, I am a portal wherever I am. I’ve done the work so the inspiration is with me now.”

She explains that her role in the artwork depends on the situation and the piece. “Not every painting reveals itself… sometimes I’m just a paintbrush.”

The second step in her process is related to the creation of what she calls “Shamanic oracle art.” Hangarter tells us that this form helps people to “retrieve pieces of your soul.”

While the process itself is intriguing, we can’t help but ask…why art?

“Art helps to tune you up. It take you to the highest levels of frequency, which is really important. It performs healings and is a communication device. It puts you in touch with departed loved ones and downloads information.”

Some of Hangarter’s art is currently housed in “sanctuaries” where she says they resonate with high energies.

“When the art gets to these ‘telecommunication centers,’ it’s being communicated all over the world.”

If you didn’t fully understand this verbally, take a look at the following piece:
Pathways to Ascension is part of the Krishna series and represents the stairway to heaven as well as Hangarter’s own ascension after Krishna came to her.

This piece comes with a moving story of its own. Hangarter tells us,

“I met an Indian man who was 26 at the Shakti Festival. He was 6’8” and carried the energy of kings and generals and actually did come from that class. He told me, ‘The sheer fact that you have been born here and were privileged in this way, and that you had this personal encounter with Krishna – you’ve been forgiven so much of your karma’.” After this experience, more would be revealed to Hangarter to heighten her personal wisdom.

She refers to those in recovery as “Angels in training.” She believes that while life is hard, all of these experiences are lessons that help us to understand how to live our purpose.

“We hide under the addictions,” she says. “You just have to remind a person that they have a purpose and that they can reach to that and feel safe. I personally help people to remember their gifts when I am in their presence.”

She went onto say,

“Young people want to be like a Jedi warrior. Half their struggle is that they believe they can’t be the magical person they wanted to be. It’s really about reminding them of who they really are and that they can be more. We need to help people listen to that voice that they cover up with drugs and alcohol.”

So how can others use art to improve their lives or recover from addiction?

“Art is about learning that it’s safe to be creative. It’s about getting in touch with the energy within the body and then letting the paint brush go. If you love blue, feel the sensuality of 25 different blues on a canvas… it’s about feeling and connecting with its energy.

When I work with people in recovery, I tell them how to engage with my art. I have them bring home a print, light a candle and sit down to gaze into the eyes of the painting. I tell them to let the painting come to them. If the painting is one of the bigger ones, I have them turn their backs and let the wings of the angel surround them. It’s an intuitive process, and I encourage people to listen with their inner senses. One or two pieces usually jump off the wall for them!

All in all, it’s important that they know they have a purpose and the ability to have a great happy fulfilled productive life. If they can just start remembering that they have this energy inside of them. They can begin a path that leads out of the dark and into the light.”

Does It Make Your Heart Sing?

Saturday, February 25, 2017 Author: Dr. Joan Hangarter, D.C., M.S. Categories: Words of Wisdom

Does it make my heart sing, has been my guiding mantra for most of my life. It’s been that call to remember that what my heart wants is more important than what my head might say.

I’ve heard it said, that the journey is more important than the destination. It’s how we get to where we are going, every step we take along the way that’s critical, and can’t be rushed.

We live on a challenging planet; truthfully life is not easy for sensitive people. Many of these individuals report feeling as if they don’t belong, that somehow, they are different. They might start off trying to fit in, but slowly fizzle out, the challenges overwhelming their senses, literally shutting them down. It’s not hard to understand why they turn to substances and addictive behaviors for comfort, and to hide their panic, and anxiety.

When we live a life that is not in balance, not in harmony with our true natures, we need to hide from ourselves..

What if you could gain a glimpse into the reasons behind your struggles, the causes of your unending cycles of crisis and misfortune? Suppose there was a meaning and a purpose to your life, and that you had a very specific mission, that only you could do.

Along the way, as a therapist, intuitive and chiropractor, I have discovered that each of us does have something, a unique skill set, that is part of the gifts we have been given to do the work, the mission, that we have literally come here to do.

This mission, this purpose, if known can be a driving and motivating force in your life. In fact, it can be the juice that keeps you going in a sense, for when you know inside yourself, there’s a reason you are here, you experience more confidence in everything you do. When I had my chiropractic office, I gave monthly lectures for new patients, always encouraging them to step up, live their best life, and learn to leap over tall buildings in a single bound. Having a purpose is a raison d’etre, a cure for some of life’s challenging moments.

There is a way to know if your actions are taking you in the direction of using your best gifts, and living your purpose. If you have a question, and want to know what direction to take, ask yourself, “Does it make my heart sing?.” I remember when my children were toddlers and I was interviewing pre-schools. The first school was recommended but when I walked into the facility, I felt a heavy thud in my chest.

The next facility I toured was a Montessori school, and the environment felt light, delightful, and the children were happy. As I left I literally felt a loud beating in my chest and a song in my heart, singing with happiness for I had found a home for my children to be nurtured. Does it make my heart sing has been my guideline for many years.

For me, knowing I am here to heal and inspire millions of people has me leaping out of bed at 5 am daily, to write, to meditate, to center myself for my work ahead, so that everything I do is in alignment with what I sense is my work.

Maybe your specific life purpose is to learn to create solid foundations, stability, in all areas of your life, including your work, home, family, financial and spiritual world. Thus, you might have a very stable life, or conversely, the opposite might be true, with frequent moves, job changes, and financial fluctuations. You might spend your entire life seeking stability only to find it eludes you. Knowing this, you can make changes, adapt, find ways to bring in this stability, focus on your details and what brings the feeling of home.

About Joan Hangarter, D.C.:

Oracle, Empath, Intuitive, Healer, Visionary, Speaker, Mentor, Artist, Earth Messenger Channel, Chiropractor, Author

Joan of Angels, also known as Dr Joan Hangarter, D. C., is a spiritual teacher, soul artist, intuitive coach and author, who helps people remember who they are, overcome their challenges, and step into their destiny. When you work with Joan you will find your visions clear, obstacles dissolve, and renewed courage to follow your callings.

In 2013, artist Joan Hangarter heard the call of the Earth Messengers, ‘Paint us and we will come.” An occasional painter since 2000, Dr. Hangarter had been a successful chiropractor, an author and founder of The Miracle Makers Club. But in 2013, she dropped everything and began to paint transformative paintings of angels she calls Earth Messengers.

“The Earth Messengers are here to bring healing of the heart, and remind us, that we, too, are powerful beings with the potential to live a larger life. The process of painting these Earth Messengers begins with a vision, a dream, and through a meditative process, the paint brush literally moves itself, and the beings direct their presentation.”

Her paintings are imbued with positive transformational messages from etheric beings that Dr. Joan shares as she channels as an oracle, medium and a painter—earning her the affectionate moniker ‘Joan of Angels.’

“The message of ‘Paint us and we will come,’ is part of a universal truth for all of us, with a larger theme of believe, and your truth, your life, will manifest.” Explore the Earth Messengers Gallery.

These messengers bring unconditional love, wisdom, guidance, and most of all healing for the world. These paintings are unique portals to experiencing the divine. Welcome home.

Joan works as an oracle/intuitive mentor doing both private and group sessions. She can be found most days in her Desert Heart Sanctuary where you are invited to have a private sessions with Joan of Angels and/or experience the Earth Messengers themselves, and find your personal guide. You can find out more at www.joanofangels.com


First printed at http://www.recoveryview.com/Archives/TabId/106/ArtMID/657/ArticleID/1485/Does-it-make-your-heart-sing.aspx

2017 – Stepping through Portals with Joan of Angels

Spread your wings – its time to fly – the angel brigade is gathering

Join Joan of Angels in her Desert Heart Sanctuary as she shares messages from the Earth Messengers; Beings Sent by the Divine and, tools to raise your personal vibration and enhance your special gifts and talents. Using the Messenger Oracle Cards and powerful portal paintings, messages for stepping into your personal power and spreading your wings, to fulfill your destiny. Welcome to the angel brigade. You have been called to step into your destiny.

These paintings are unique portals to connection with your guides and angels. You are encouraged to dive deep into meditation with us, using the images to become that being of light you have always wanted to be.



Five Reasons to Connect with Your Angels and Guides

The Celestial Council Gathers

Angels are popular these days, and many are speaking about their connection
with these realms


Calling All Angels
Online Webinawith these realms.

There are many compelling reasons to pull the veil from the dimensions, allowing communication with your guides and angels. These members of your Spiritual Council are always present and calling you; the question is – are you hearing their call?

1. Your vision and destiny will unfold as you follow the guidance, the voice within, no matter how tiny. In 2013, in one of the most pivotal moments in my life, beaten by despair and fearful my visions would not manifest, I prayed to either end my life, or, birth my lifelong vision of healing and inspiring millions of suffering people. I was granted a deep compelling message – “Paint 33 angels in 30 days. Don’t question, don’t stop just do it.” Once all the paintings were hung, the vortex was complete. I had created an angel portal, an energetic space where contact is possible.


2.By Listening and following the messages, naggings, and instructions from your spiritual team, your steps to mastery will be revealed, piece by piece. The first thing that happened in the portal, was a book I had about angels fell off the shelf onto the floor, surrounded by the paintings.

Your Call for Divine Assistance Has Been Heard

Hmmm, the page was open to this notice from my angels: “Your call for divine assistance has been heard.” You see, once you listen to step one, they’ll give you the next step, and when you follow that guidance, they, your team, knows you are serious, and soon, new doors, new guidance, follows.

3. Once we say yes to our guides and the instructions we receive, we are shown the larger picture. In truth, with the assistance and support of your angels, you will accomplish so much more. The angelic realms promises, when we ask for miracles, we will receive them, in so many more ways than we can imagine. But you must ask, you must be open to receive, you must say “yes, bring me more, yes, thank you!”


4. Waves and waves of synchronicities and so called coincidences happen more and more, reflecting back to you the power of your thoughts and intensions. Confidence in your ability to manifest your destiny, and clarity results, as you know, as you can see clearly, as if arrows are pointing your way.

5. Contact with our guides and angels assures us we are never alone, and gives us the confidence to move forward with grace and ease, and step into our destiny. 2017 is the beginning of a ten-year cycle where you will be asked to step into your personal power in a way that you haven’t yet experienced. These are new beginnings now, and your best gifts will be called upon. Our spiritual team holds us steady, heals, provides balance, love, compassion and wisdom.


Calling All Angels
Online Webinar

Contact with our guides and angels supports and assists us on our journey. Don’t be shy, they want to hear from you, but cannot assist without your specific requests. Ask for a miracle, then expect it. Ask to be certain of their messages and guidance, and you will be shown. Ask for protection, and know, within your heart, you are always safe. Affirm daily. “I am safe, I am well, I am protected, I am guided.”

FREE in Feb- Live Morning Messages and Meditations from the Messengers with Joan of Angels

Your Call for Divine Assistance Has Been Heard – Joan of Angels is offering Free weekly morning meditations and messages from the Earth Messengers: Beings Sent by the Divine

Join Joan of Angels each Wednesday morning in the month of Feb, at 7:00 am (registering for this free event allows you to access this at any time for your convenience. We’ll be looking at messages for the days and weeks ahead, and processes that will assist you in grounding your energy, and stepping into your highest vibrational frequency, whether you are in your sanctuary or stepping out in the world. This is a first step to the Ascended Master Trainings that will be evolving. Receive your vibrational tune-ups.

To sign up and reserve your seat at the webinar with Joan of Angels click HERE – each webinar is a separate session …new information…new messages…brief readings may occur.

Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15, Feb 22  7:00 am PST 

Afternoon of Angel Painting at the Miracle Springs Resort

I definitely enjoyed my afternoon of painting fairies and angels at the Miracle Springs Resort, surrounded by my angel art, in the spa boutique. I love the Miracle Springs Hotel...a perfect place for all of us angels to relax and unwind.

It seems that several paintings I did years ago, flowers specifically, are wanting angels painted in the canvasses, in and around the flowers. So, since I’m a paintbrush for these divine beings, I followed instructions… If you look carefully at the photos below you’ll see the art work and pillows around the room, and on the window shelf….