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Soul Mastery Coaching

I have been guided to open 10 additional spots for those of you who are ready to make a difference and claim success in your life.






Do you have blockages, concerns, passions or simply want to continue your journey to full empowerment and embodying the most authentic version of yourself? How does this look like and what are the steps needed for you to get to this place? How can you accept who you are now and still continue to grow as an individual and express your creativity in this world? Life is a journey in which we are constantly transcending and evolving. I am here to guide you with practical, mystical and time tested tools that can assist you in creating that peace and fulfillment within. I have been working with clients for 40 years to achieve these goals and help them realize their true potential.

Depending on what direction and intention you have for your own life we will delve into some or all of the following:

The Bigger Picture – we will define what you really want and need and what steps it will take to get there

Mission & Purpose – We all have a mission on Earth and some of us are living it just by simply being. From being a parent to actively creating content and assisting others in the evolution of consciousness, we will clarify what this means and how to fully embrace your purpose

Identify challenges and clear obstacles to your path

  • Channeling, connecting to your guides, numerological life path destiny tools, oracle cars and more will be used to explore your challenges so you may have an understanding of what needs to be done

Financial, emotional and business guidance

  • In this world it can seem like there is a lot of chaos all around. Our emotional state fluctuates so much. What do you need to stay centered even if the world around you may seem chaotic or unbalanced? AND the big question, how does your emotional state connect to your financial abundance, career, and business. We will work towards clearing and clarity as well as developing emotional intelligence to navigate through life.

Second: Enroll in the Soul Mastery Coaching Program and you will receive, FREE, the Intuitive Ninja Superpower Training to assist you to integrate your voice within.

Mastery of these Ninja super skills is essentially a lifetime journey, with periods of deeper dives into enhancing our skills.

There are so many avenues and unique uses of our intuition to explore.  It seems best if we stay connected in order to support one another to develop these superpowers and stay aware of our purpose. Dive deeper into the purpose of these powerful tools you are learning to work with. 

By combining the two programs you will more easily master new skills to align your body, mind and spirit with your purpose and destiny.

A six-month, weekly coaching program with Joan of Angels

This program is designed to align your body, mind and spirit to achieve your visions and walk your Soul Path!

Online Intuitive Ninja Superpower Training

Receive this program consisting of 7 modules and a manual/guide to go along with the training.

Access to the Intuitive Ninja Facebook Group

Support from our Facebook community.

Weekly Sessions Recorded

Your weekly sessions will be recorded and are designed specifically for your growth and ascension. Homework may be given at specific intervals.

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

Fully refundable upto 30 days.


Are You Ready?

Is working with Joan of Angels right for me? Are you serious?

Soul Awakening Sessions and Intuitive Coaching is for anyone who wants clarity as to their mission, purpose and destiny and to experience the success that comes from aligning your body, mind and spirit to do your life.

Together we will assist you to understand your life’s purpose, your challenges, and the steps to stepping into your life’s dreams.

We invite you to work with us to look within, and uncover your path.

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