Ancient Greece full moon journey 2024

Awaken Full Moon Magic & Messages in Greece with Sacred Soul Guides & Oracles

Akasha & Joan of Angels

May 21 – 29, 2024

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Your Heart Heard the
Ancient Call of Your Soul!

The Ancient Powers are awakening, the sacred feminine is rising and the Oracle is returning. We walk the stunning land in a sacred way, communicating with the ancient spirits of light, lands and temples. We channel activations, receive Oracle messages and receive healing from Gaia to reawaken our soul gifts.

Join us for this FULL MOON MAGIC SOUL JOURNEY to the most powerful and mystical Temples in Mainland Greece with the ANCIENT ORACLE of Delphi, the Ancient Greek Gods & Goddesses, Nature spirits!

The land and spirits have called us home at this vital time of our spiritual evolution!

YOU are a key in raising Gaia’s sacred feminine powers to being balance and prosperity back to earth. We will be reactivating the WEALTH, LOVE and RESPECT in the land, the temples and in each of US called back to the ’Naval” of the world (ancient Delphi).

These ancient sites still hold the magic, wisdom and power, and you hold KEY CODES that will unlock them! You will receive and give 5D DNA codes that are essential temples of healing and wisdom, especially the most famous divine feminine Ancient Oracles.

Our events are soul awakening experiences that are 100% channeled in the moment from the land after preparing and communicating with the spirits.



Akasha, Ancient Seer, Oracle & Channel for Spirit Guides, Realm Walker, Mystery School Founder, Master LightBody Healer, Spiritual Mentor & Teacher, Bestselling Author, Public Speaker, Ancient Mystery Interpreter, Fairy Godmother. 


Joan of Angels, Oracle of Ancient Wisdom, a Spiritual Advisor / Chiropractor, Public speaker, a dedicated Wing Fluffer, Visionary Artist.

Find Fulfillment In
Your True Calling

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