My Journey of Discovery

Pathways to Personal Shifts

As I am guided to authentically align my own energies, I am seeing these shifts mirrored in my friends and clients. How do we authentically do that which we came here to do? How do we get our body and our focus to support us on our journey?

In 2013, when I was guided to paint 33 angels in 30 days, I launched a new pathway, that of listening to the divine. Little did I know how powerful that decision would become. Like a shining light, a brilliant beacon, my compass was headed true north, and as long as I said yes, I will let go of what didn’t serve,I would be okay.

Thank goodness I trusted this voice and followed its call. This path of discovery led me to shifts in time, space and dimension. Saying yes was not easy. For months, I would paint divine portals and star beings, and ask for guidance as to what to do with the art. How would I live, how would people find me? Fear based, 3D, worldly worries and fears, would immobilize me, until I would once again, move into alignment with my compass, my purpose, my mission.

They, my angelic support team, informed me that my full life recover,  emerging as an oracle, healer and artist, would only happen when I was in complete alignment. body, mind and spirit. I couldn’t teach it and pretend, no, I would have to live my truth. 100% commitment required!

The instructions were as follows:  trust your guidance and develop faith, confidence and belief in the voice and messages you are receiving.

Last week I had an opportunity to work with a dear friend and client who already understands who she is and what her highest mission and gifts are. What a blessings. As I channeled, I saw her shift and within her forehead was an eye, an Egyptian Eye, sitting at the top of a pyramid. I quickly sketched it out for her. As I channeled what I was seeing, she informed me, honestly, with amazement, that just this morning, she had seen that image, of the eye, and it had made an impression on her.

Meaning of course that universal collective consciousness is always present and my dream, to be able to align in such a way as to be a clear channel, is manifesting in the most wonderful of ways.

My greatest shift in vibration is occurring now, this very moment.

We launched my Power On Program, turning on the Master Healer Switch, followed by the Vitality 360 sessions, geared towards letting go of what doesn’t serve and stepping up our vibration with the continued turning of of the Master Healer Switch.

I am experiencing the very same alignment as my clients, the activation is profound and the increase in your personal ability to manifest almost immediately is true.

Clients are saying:  

“I am so grateful for having listened to my Guides, as Your insights and guidance have been perfectly timed.”

” I had my master switched turned on by Joan yesterday! It was a rainy day in NY and my energy felt a little low. As Joan was opening my switch, I felt so much energy in my body. It was like having an electrical current flow through my body. I also liked what Joan was telling me that she heard from the angelic realm regarding my progress on my Spiritual path. I was told I have to learn how to use my energy”

If this calls to you, I invite you to get on board, book your Power On Sessions to regain clarity as to why you are here, and to raise your vibratory frequencies. To learn more Click HERE:



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