Signs of Alignment

How do you know when you are in alignment or conversely out? Usually its very hard to discern out of alignment. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I am the last to know. I might find myself irrationally irritated, my system out of balance. Its important to actually know when this is going on, to get your emotions out of the situation, and to bring balance and restoration.

Signs you are in alignment

Joy and happiness
High energy
Your way appears almost effortlessly and doors open

Signs you are out of alignment

Lowered energy
Depression, anger, moodiness
Lack of self worth
Low financial esteem

I have spent the last 38 years learning to raise the frequencies of our bodies and align them with innate intelligence, to bring in this wisdom. This innate healer within you knows exactly what your body needs, and once we align the switch, will provide the healing to those areas. Turning this switch on, allows you to step accelerate your growth and mastery.

Align Your  Master Healer Switch for positive increased in your energy, vitality, and self esteem. Turning on this switch allows you to activate your purpose and mission. Find out how you can turn your POWER ON and align your Master Healer Switch – Click here


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