The Miracle Toolkit

Beloved friends, I am in gratitude for those of you who saw the vision
of the Masters of Miracles, the latest Oracle Deck. Your support enabled
us to move forward during the pre-sale campaign.

Overall, I am so excited to release these Messages from the Masters of Miracles, not only in the form of the Oracle Deck, but also as part of the new Miracle Toolkit. Receive messages and healing as they share their love and compassion with you.

My guides are amazing, they show me one step at a time, because they know, that’s the way they get me to continually move forward. We are thus announcing the release of

The Miracle Toolkit

Whats in the Miracle Toolkit you might ask?

Everything I needed to launch my miracles, to transform my life, and to become a bearer of the light. You too can walk the Miracle Pathway, you too can become the one you also dreamed, saw yourself as. Lets release the inner you, the miracle minded you, the being who hears the call of their soul and follows its lead.

Are you that person? If so, do you hear the call of the Masters of Miracles, of your angels and guides, taking you on a new path, the higher path, the journey of your soul. Yes beloved you can emerge as that person.

But, lets get back to the Miracle Toolkit 

3.5″x4″ Post Card Template

Miracle Messages from the Masters of Miracles

44 Oracle Cards from the Original Artwork of Joan of Angels



The Miracle Makers Club
by Dr Joan Hangarter



The Miracle Makers Club
Live The Soul-filled and Prosperous Life That You Deserve Today

by Dr Joan Hangarter, AKA Joan of Angels

Get your copy HERE



Break Through Sessions

Re-member what you are here to do, remove obstacles,
and step into your mission and purpose. 

                                                                              LEARN MORE HERE

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