Miracle Messages with Joan of Angels

Miracle Messages by Joan of Angels includes 44 angelic beings and portals that have been working through Joan and bringing messages to humanity.  On Halloween of 2013, 33 Angels asked to be painted in 30 days, opening a portal to allow Joan of Angels to emerge as a messenger for divine beings.

These, “Masters of Miracles”, as they expressed themselves as, channel through Joan of Angels to infuse her life with art and physical healing on an etheric and physical plane. This oracle deck features the 33 angels, the Masters of Miracles, and the Earth Messenger Beings all with whom Joan receives messages as she paints them.

This Oracle Deck will help guide you, give you answers and clarity, and open the pathway to Miracles. All original artwork is by Joan of Angels.

All cards will be shipped after Feb 15th, the 45th Day of the Awakening to Miracles 2018 pre-sale campaign! Get your Oracle Deck today at http://awakeningtomiracles2018.com


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