Dear friends – We are blessed to be here during these special times

Angels everywhere, in the sky and in the air

Be kind to yourself, it takes courage to be an angel

Destiny Calls

Dedicated to my family and friends, to those who have stood by me since the beginning of time. I know some of you didn’t quite understand, but you loved me anyway and that is what counts.

I have written this little book of words, advice, channeled messages and paintings from spirit to encourage each and every one of you searching for meaning to trust this process  begins with you.

Just remember dear ones,

      When you heal your heart

      And remember ancient memories

      Your love will overflow

       And yes, your courage will grow

       For once you remember who you are,

      And the story in which you star,

      And live the life you came here for

      You free those around you to

      Be their best selves as well.

      And the world becomes a better place to be.

Spirit’s quite clever don’t you agree?



Say Yes to your Destiny and Watch the Magic Happen

I wasn’t planning to write this little book filled with visions and images to inspire you to step into your destiny, to spread your wings, and live the largest life you ever dreamed possible. It wasn’t on my to do list. I was just drinking a cup of my morning coffee, when I heard a little voice.

This voice said,” good morning Joan of Angels, have you been paying attention to what has been going on in the rest of the world? They say the world is grim and many their brilliance has dimmed.” Well I assure you this got my immediate attention, and here we are, for my mission’s clear, I have no fear, spreading light is what I hold dear.

We’ve been called for a Celestial Mission my dear!

It was obvious and it was clear, the energy revitalized me. Spread the light and send good cheer, plant seeds of magic and miracles near, watch, you’ll see, they’ll grow, they’ll take off, they’ll sprout like weeds, every season of the year.

Say yes dear ones, for the light is here, the magic is with you let go of your fear!

You won’t find your destiny watching tv or playing video games

Hmmm, I had to say I wasn’t watching TV, reading newspapers, false news or real news, because I ‘ve been focused on strengthening, revitalizing, and redesigning my inner world to step into MY DESTINY!  The most interesting game of all happens to be the story of your life, of you, of who you are and who you can be, if you allow yourself to be free to express all you can be.


And because of my mission , my secret agreement with spirit, I promised, agreed, committed this lifetime to assisting those behind me to lift up into these levels as well. I am a teacher. I’m required to assist all of you, tee hee. That’s my karma, baby! That’s why they gave me the name, Joan of Angels.


Because because because…no I wasn’t running away.

But I have discovered a little-known secret of dealing with an uncertain chaotic world…I stabilize, create, renew, regenerate from the inside out.


Because I remember why I am here. And I am here to remind you of who you are, and why you are here. After all, we all have a bit of fairy sprite inside, and a magic wand to spread fairy dust.



Celestial Victory

Called Home
Mission Project Earth is on full time alert

Angels Heal The World

The Oracle of Isis
Free to be Me


So if you would just wake up, and say yes to your destiny, yes to be aligned with your purpose, I can go back to having my morning cup of coffee and continue to receive inspiration from the divine.