When you are guided by spirit, every door you open, takes you through the next door.

I simply meandered my way to a new group on FB, Society for the Imagination, and posted an innocuous comment, wanting somehow to be included. I received an immediate response from Bella Burford,            an extremely gifted artist, author, filmmaker, and dreamer. She had heard about me from a mutual friend, Michael Olson, who died almost two years ago.

  Visionary Artist Michael was a gifted photographer, musician, and filmmaker, who made people smile. I last saw him in Sedona, where we were privileged to work on a video together with Elizabeth Bishop, PhD, herself an amazing psychic, poet, channel, and independent spirit, who has been one of my living guides this life. Elizabeth had brought us in to put her poetry to music, spoken word and dance. I am not a professional dancer, but I love to dance, and was honored to be a part of this sacred film. I blended into the dolphins and the whales, and the water and the words and the sounds and michaels haunting guitar. I found a jam session on You Tube for you to listen to. He has the impish one. Listen here

Della Burford made a guest appearance on my radio show, Angel Essence, April 2017, sharing her angels of healing and peace, and her deep work with miracles, angels and children across the globe. From our show she made this deep, loving, creative collage of her healing journey interspersed with my own work.

I hope you enjoy Della’s rendering of the angel essence in all things.