Your intuition is always working, you just need to listen.

The most frequent question I receive is about listening to your own intuition. How do you know the feelings you have are your intuition or your mind chatter. The intuitive mind is elusive. There’s a fine line at times.

We are taught from childhood not to listen to our own inner voice, to literally ignore our own truth.

So lets see if I can clarify for you how to know its your intuition, and that this is the answer for your question. Or this is the right thing for you to do.

One clue is how this intuit makes you feel. If its truly right for you, you might have a feeling of this makes my heart sing, this feels good, very, very good. I remember choosing a pre-school for my children. I went to two schools, and left feeling heavy, what I described at the time was a thud. And then I went into Brightstar Montessori. From the moment I stepped through the doors, I literally felt my heart move, shift, feeling free. That’s how I chose the school, it felt intuitively right.

Intuition is often accompanied by little signs, that indicate a synchronistic pattern is at work. For example, you are driving in your car, and have a new brilliant idea for making money. Suddenly you glance at the clock on your dashboard and its 1:11 or 2:22, or any combination of triple numbers. Think of that as a message from your guides, a confirmation. Or you look down on the street and there’s a penny or a quarter. Pick it up; put it in your shoe, it’s another type of confirmation.

Intuition is a special gift you have been given, its access to a higher vibration, thinking outside the box, new ideas, and a special alignment with your true purpose. Intuition can save your life, when the hairs on your skin stand up and you know you need to pay attention in this current moment.

Your intuition can help you land that big job you want, just by having you send the email at just the right moment to make a difference. That’s what happened in 2001 when my email crossed the desk of the editor at the San Francisco Examiner, just when he was browsing through it. He told me the odds of his opening my email were a million to one, but you know what, he did see that email, and he went on to publish my article on the front page.

So here’ a good idea. Next time you find yourself saying  “I should have listened to myself. I knew what to do, I just ignored my intuition,” try something different. Stop, pay attention, and follow the guidance you have been given. You will be glad you did.

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