POWER ON! Turn on Your Master Healer Switch

Turn on Your Master Healer Switch to activate your inner healer
and allow your body to heal from the inside out!

Consists of Two Sessions 30 min each
 What is the ready to receive program?

There are 2 components – first is the Soul Purpose Reading; second is the Master Healer Switch Activation. These are 2 30 minute sessions that need to be done within a 60 day window.

Ready to Receive Package – Turn on your Master Healer Switch

Session One- Soul Purpose Readings

This 30 minute initial Soul Purpose reading gives you an understanding of what you are here to do, your mission and purpose, along with the challenges, and what stands in your way. This session gives you more clarity, direction and purpose, and will strengthen your body’s willingness to say yes and turn on your Master Healer switch. Knowing or sensing your soul purpose is a major step in body, mind and spirit alignment.

 Session Two – Master Healer Switch Alignment

The Master Healer Switch Alignment will activate and open your channels to allow your physical body to embrace and support your soul mission. Turning this switch on empowers you to activate, awaken, and achieve your goals by giving you more energy and restoring your inner reserves.

The Master switch physically resides in the space where your brainstem meets your spinal cord. When we energetically align this atas/axis relationship we allow the healing energies to flow through our body, providing nutrients and healing to all systems, organs and cells. This allows communication to all parts of your body for healing, energy, and wellness.

  • Assess the level or frequency at which your body is functioning.
  • Determine where you are energetically
  • Turn on your body’s healing switch to activate your full potential
  • Connect your body with innate intelligence and your crown chakra
  • We work directly with your body to ascertain which systems need support and using energy healing, we can allow your fluids and nerve flow to properly do their work bring wellness to your body.


The combined value is $236.00; when you buy them both together it’s $189.  ($47.00 savings).

Purchase Now for $189 and you will receive these energetic upgrades to align your mind, body and spirit with your purpose and mission.  


or pre-pay HERE


You reached out a year ago; I wanted to update you on my latest offerings,

which will literally turn on your power AND align your Master Healer Switch.

This process opens the connection between your body and your brain, innate

intelligence and crown chakra so you can receive healing to all parts of your body.

I’m excited because I have been able to successful turn on this Master Healer Switch,

allowing my clients to have more energy, feel more connected, and experience a powerful

sense of well being as your body, mind and spirit begin to align.

This is the first step in working with me. I’ve put together a new program,

called Power One – Ready to Receive. Its a two session program that begins with

a Soul Purpose Reading, so we can understand your overall mission and purpose, release

and understand the challenges, and begin to align your body with your soul purpose. Literally

this allows you to successfully receive the activation in our next session

Session Two is the turning on of your Master Healer Switch and aligning the Master control

sections of your body and spirit. This is truly a remarkable process and clients are experiencing

more energy, increased awareness, and a renewed sense of well being and direction.

I think you would love this program. For more information and to find out how the Master Healer Switch runs your body, and how turning this on literally can change your life, CLICK HERE.

Here’s what people are saying:  See if this resonates for you.

Hi! I had my master switched turned on by Joan yesterday! It was a rainy day in NY and my energy felt a little low. As Joan was opening my switch, I felt so much energy in my body. It was like having an electrical current flow through my body. I also liked what Joan was telling me that she heard from the angelic realm regarding my progress on my Spiritual path. I was told I have to learn how to use my energy. I love receiving messages from the Divine. I felt energized and went to the supermarket. I noticed my level of clarity was definitely sharpened. I became aware of all the people who had their master switch turned off. I realize I have work to do for my continued growth. I am happy that Joan recorded this session so I can look back at it. I sometimes miss things the first time around. Last night, I had a dream. I don’t usually remember my dreams often but I remember this one. I dreamt I went to the mail box to get what was inside. There were several books, and 3 writing pads and I noticed some item that were frozen. In my dream, I commented that I didn’t remember ordering these books but was happy to have them. I think this dream was showing me how knowledge is being given to me, and to write down and share what I learn. I think the frozen things were showing me that I had access to things that I didn’t have access to before. After I woke up and processed my dream, I imagined that the frozen items thawed out for me. I am excited to be learning and growing and continuing in the right direction on my spiritual path. Thank you Joan!  Karen S.

“Joan’s Master Healing Switch training session was powerful and transformational. My entire outlook changed and I moved through the day feeling lighter and more positive. I felt renewed and energized the rest of the week. Thank you for helping me be a better version of me!”  Marla Drexler

“I did definitely feel a change in energy as we worked yesterday.  When we turned on the Master Switch to fully open I felt a flush of energy up and down my entire body.  After the session I thought, what do I do with this energy?  I grabbed the vacuum cleaner and let her rip!  It was great!  I also did the exercise you gave me this morning (thought about it first thing! :o) and was ready to hit the ground running.  Thank you!”   Stephanie

  “Hello everyone my name is Tinamarie and recently received my master healer switch with Joan and I can’t say enough if you never experience healings you must do this! When Joan did it for me I started out about a 3+ and ended about 8+. I went to work that evening practice what she asked me to do and all night I was a 10+. I am a CNA and usually very drained and hurting so bad when I get home at night that most times in tears because of the pain. But the day Joan gave me this amazing session (and it was as if she was in my home doing it) she called on master healer d.d Palmer and wow what a difference. I had a lot of energy and first time in long time felt good and in no pain when I got home from work! I really would suggest you try her healing technique, it’s an amazing experience Thank you Joan”