Presenting your Personal Angel Healer

FREE in Feb- Live Morning Messages and Meditations from the Messengers with Joan of Angels

Your Call for Divine Assistance Has Been Heard – Joan of Angels is offering Free weekly morning meditations and messages from the Earth Messengers: Beings Sent by the Divine

Join Joan of Angels each Wednesday morning in the month of Feb, at 7:00 am (registering for this free event allows you to access this at any time for your convenience. We’ll be looking at messages for the days and weeks ahead, and processes that will assist you in grounding your energy, and stepping into your highest vibrational frequency, whether you are in your sanctuary or stepping out in the world. This is a first step to the Ascended Master Trainings that will be evolving. Receive your vibrational tune-ups.

To sign up and reserve your seat at the webinar with Joan of Angels click HERE – each webinar is a separate session …new information…new messages…brief readings may occur.

Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15, Feb 22  7:00 am PST 


Spirit Connection Circle with the Angels

CONNECT to your intuition, guides, higher self, departed loved ones, and angels. Learn to trust your intuition and hear your own messages!

RECEIVE healing, messages, and connection with your angels, guides and/or departed loved ones.

EXPERIENCE  the inter-dimensional aspects of life and your perceptions will be forever altered.

 “People have reported immediate healing in their hearts and soul during and after these sessions, and they experience the tangible support of the angelic realms.” 

Life will become more miraculous and you will soon feel the synchronicities all around you. Experience grace and ease.               RSVP HERE

Joan of Angels has the gift of intuition, clairsentience, and clairaudience, since early childhood, and acts as a messenger, consultant and facilitator for others to master these same gifts.  For more information about Joan go to