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Miracle Messages with Joan of Angels

Miracle Messages by Joan of Angels includes 44 angelic beings and portals that have been working through Joan and bringing messages to humanity.  On Halloween of 2013, 33 Angels asked to be painted in 30 days, opening a portal to allow Joan of Angels to emerge as a messenger for divine beings. These, “Masters of […]

Private Consultations with Joan of Angels are unique, healing, and transformational!

A private consultation with Joan of Angels is a unique opportunity to connect with your spiritual team and receive information and guidance specific to your needs. Joan of Angels connects you with your mission, your purpose, and helps you step into your destiny, with confidence and ease. Joan is a highly intuitive channel and will […]

“Angel Essence” Radio with Joan of Angels

I am really excited to welcome Dr Dream to the show. The angelic realms reach out to us by sound, and I can’t wait to share my story on hearing the hallelujah chorus. The harmonies created through Dr Dream’s work, releasing your full potential, literally turns you into an Angel Magnet…tee hee… I hope you […]

Angelic Guidance Soothes Your Soul

Greetings to my beloved friends and family Spring is here, and with this change in season, a new frequency and energetics is available for us to step into. Powerful currents of energetic waves will bring you periods of peak joy, success, positive outcomes, but still combined with moments when all seems lost. These waves of […]