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Turn on Your Master Healer Switch

I’m excited to offer my new healing program, combining my chiropractic healing arts with my angelic channelings. Recently I was shown how to use the Master Healing Switch, (we all have this), to open up your channels to receive high vibrational energies in your body, and to connect your crown chakra with your body and […]

The Miracle Toolkit

Beloved friends, I am in gratitude for those of you who saw the vision of the Masters of Miracles, the latest Oracle Deck. Your support enabled us to move forward during the pre-sale campaign. Overall, I am so excited to release these Messages from the Masters of Miracles, not only in the form of the […]

Awakening to Miracles 2018

This is my best presentation ever. So proud of this work that we are doing, here in the Desert Heart Sanctuary, working with the celestial realms and aligning vibrational frequencies. This work assists you in remembering why you are here, and what you are here to do. We are presenting and sharing not only the […]

Miracle Messages with Joan of Angels

Miracle Messages by Joan of Angels includes 44 angelic beings and portals that have been working through Joan and bringing messages to humanity.  On Halloween of 2013, 33 Angels asked to be painted in 30 days, opening a portal to allow Joan of Angels to emerge as a messenger for divine beings. These, “Masters of […]

Private Consultations with Joan of Angels are unique, healing, and transformational!

A private consultation with Joan of Angels is a unique opportunity to connect with your spiritual team and receive information and guidance specific to your needs. Joan of Angels connects you with your mission, your purpose, and helps you step into your destiny, with confidence and ease. Joan is a highly intuitive channel and will […]